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Goods Store Website – a Tihar Jail’s Initiative

From Bakery items to furniture, shirts to paintings – all is being produced in India’s famous Tihar jail which has opend atleast 15 outlets in india. A very professional website can also be found at http://www.tihartj.nic.in

Computer-savvy prisoners write the html coding for the website, which lists each item made in the factory, along with pictures and a comprehensive price list.

Currently, items can only be ordered by phone, but authorities say that by December, customers will be able to buy and pay for products online.

“any reforms is based on the idea that the prisoner is not punished but reformed and made into a good citizen. If this objective is once accepted, it would result in a complete overhauling of the prison system” is the mission and objective behind this program.

“In the last year and a half, we realised that we have good production capacity, so it was time to think of the marketing,” said Rajesh Goyal, the superintendent of the factory and the brains behind the website.

“We hope that this website will increase our visibility as more and more people in Delhi are using the Internet,” he said, adding that overall output is set to increase by 60 percent this financial year.

“Initially we are aiming to deliver our products to customers in Delhi, but if international orders come, we will be happy to supply them,” he added.

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