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Blackberry – why all the fuss?

RIM is under continuous pressure from different economies for extending a law full intercept to the security agencies. Their product blackberry is being hammered and threatened to an extent of “ban” by Saudi, UAE and India. However Saudi has reached an “agreement” , India also has extended yesterday’s deadline and we are anxiously waiting for the decision of UAE telecom Regulatory Authority which has given a time line of 11th October 2010 to RIM.

“Apparently” all the security agencies in these economies share the same concern that the messaging services like email and blackberry messenger is encrypted and they cannot tap in. They have a fear that such medium could be used for terrorist or anti state activities.

Internet is full of free vpn connections, one can use Hotmail/gmail or any sort of point to point messaging service to communicate which are virtually un-tap-able. Even for more or less all smart phones there are vpn clients available by which you can connect to any freely available proxy or vpn connection and communicate.  Securing point to point communication is also very easy even more or less all of the operating systems as well as applications provide basic level of encryption which is difficult to break when it comes to tap every one (because of high volume of traffic and increased access to internet).

What I simply fail to understand is how the security agencies will tap into to such data or why not they have raised the concerns over it ? has any deadline been given to free emails, blogging platforms, chat servers , vpn service /free proxy service providers ??? or to make it more appropriate are they planning to ban “internet” itself as a communication medium as they can not tap into it.

Is this blackberry a real threat to any govt with regards to security concerns or this hype is for some thing else ……..

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