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What should i call it – judicial activism or some thing else ….

Today one of the courts in Pakistan has issued a court order to block bing, google, Youtube, MSN … and nine other applications which in my opinion constitute alomst 50 % of the internet traffic from Pakistan …. ( rest of 50% you know what it is )

I dont know what should it call it, judivial activism or a complete unawareness and non-exposure towards the internet. I even doubt if any of the single judge from the bench has ever configured an email address for him or visited google/msn.

The otherday some one was mentioning that a court in pakistan has given a death sentence to google owner.

Which era we are living in, i think PTA needs to put down his foot and challange such orders in the court. Rather i think PTA should arrange a workshop and invite LHC judges and give them an overview of internet.

I think we are making fun of ourselves which such decisions – and marketing such sites and content by giving it so much importance, why cant we just ignore it ???

EDUCATION is what we need badly !!!

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  1. Fareed Khan
    June 23, 2010 at 20:02

    I 100% agree with this, however PTA is to be blamed here.

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