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IPv6 & ITU – RIRs Politics

Since quite some time now ITU is trying to interfere in different bodies working for Internet. These were identified as the attempts to take charge of Internet by the Internet community and different forums associated with Internet. This is always been on their agenda to take control of the Internet’s “no one controls Internet” model and replace it with their dominance. ICANN & IETF are also the victims where ITU tried to capture and control them.

Recently an attempt from ITU’s Telecommunication Standardization Bureau has convened an ITU Ipv6 Group and a meeting is schedule in Geneva on 15-16th March 2010. Following are the Terms of Reference for the group

  * To draft a global policy proposal for the reservation of a large
IPv6 block, taking into consideration the future needs of developing
countries (as outlined in paragraph 23 of ITU document C09/29).

  * To further study possible methodologies and related
implementation mechanisms to ensure ‘equitable access’ to IPv6
resource by countries.

  * To further study the possibility for ITU to become another
Internet Registry, and propose policies and procedures for ITU to
manage a reserved IPv6 block.

  * To further study the feasibility and advisability of implementing
the CIR [Country Internet Registry] model for those countries who
would request national allocations.

Few points specially the feasibility assessment for the CIR model has created a lot of noise within the Internet community. This has been taken as an attempt to Bypass the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs). RIPE NCC is the first one to take it to its member community, also they have decided to attend the meeting and raise the concerns of RIRs.

RIRs are the regional registries like RIPE, APNIC, AFRINIC etc which facilitate the member organizations with IP address allocations and trainings on the resource optimization etc and have been very successful in managing the Internet resources.

For our region (ASIA PACIFIC) APNIC has played a vital role in giving the education and training on the resource management and optimization. Geoff Huston of APNIC is among the key drivers of Ipv6 in the region as well as worldwide. In my opinion it will be a disaster if ITU gets hold of the Ipv6 allocations as it brings a lot of bureaucracy and “business mind set” along.

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