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The Ecosystem of Internet

Saturday is usually a groceries day of the week and I had to go to this K&N outlet for some of the deli line. It is a small, efficiently managed and clean outlet (and no this is not a blog on food and health nor I am getting a banner from K&N on my blog – pity though …) with a computer and 4 deep freezers. While my wife was digging in the Freezers try to find something I kept my interest focused on the Computer which was connected to a WiMAX Device.

Apparently the salesman was an educated person to an extent that he understands the English and able to handle the small applications which keeps the record of the sales and inventory. Out of my curiosity I started inquiring about the WiMAX Device and found that the Machine (terminal) is connected to a centralized system and updated all the inputs directly on the remote server. The use of terminal is very common in sales outlets but historically they were used to dump the data on the local disk and then send the floppies/CD to a centralize system to keep the tracking of sales and inventory etc. However since last couple of years the trend in having live systems (when I say live I mean connected directly to a remote server) is increasing. Why? it increases the efficiency of the business processes, reducing delays, having updated data all the times and make the ground for an efficient supply chain on such stores.
The Salesman on the outlet issued me a temporary loyalty card as well and to my surprise, immediately points have been updated on the central system (rather than through a usual POS machine). The “easy to deploy and easy to use” Internet Infrastructure made it all possible for K & N to manage their sales, reduce the leakages and losses & have excellent supply chain at all their stores – increasing the satisfaction level of the end user.

Couple of days back I happened to be at a known boutique in Islamabad “Generations” and found the same WiMAX device connected with their system, however the staff there was more interested in watching geo TV live but I am sure that their laser readers and the front end application is also connected directly with remote server keeping the track of all transactions.

A lot of people ask me to explain what I mean by the ecosystem of internet, I think this is what it is and I love living in such a connected world 

P.S. For those readers who don’t know – K&N is an outlet for chicken meat and allied products.

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