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IETF 75 Daily Diary – DAY 4 – Wednesday 29th July 2009


I managed to attend two sessions out of three today because of the ISOC scheduled session on “future Internet Research gathering”.

The first session I attended was related to the working group “opsawg” (operations and Maintenance Area Working group). So if you have any interest in that you can find the full proceedings at http://www.ietf.org/proceedings/75/agenda/opsawg.txt
The second one was “intarea” (internet Area Open Meeting) and the information is available at http://www.ietf.org/proceedings/75/agenda/intarea.html

All of IETF meetings have live streaming and jabber chat sessions available so any one from any part of the world can not only hear the proceedings but can also participate through jabber chat. Each WG meeting has atleast couple of people dedicated to check the chat room and if you have any questions from the presenter you can ask immediately through that person – and off course hear the answer through the live voice streaming.
For those of you who wants to attend the IETF proceedings through voice streaming and jabber please visit http://tools.ietf.org/agenda/75/#2009-07-30_0800, below is the explanation of different icons you see in front of WG names,
= download the drafts/materials
= Presentation material download
= voice streaming
= Jabber Room
= Jabber Room logs
These are very good tools and makes sure that you are able to attend the meeting remotely.

Future Internet Research Gathering

ISOC has arranged a meeting to channelize the research efforts happening around the world on the future of internet. The agenda was

– what are the grand challenges for the Internet?
– how can research/industry collaboration be improved?
– how can measurement and experimentation be improved?
– how can deployment challenges be overcome?

A lot or experts have presented their work and floor remained open for suggestions, comments and feedbacks. This is a very recent initiate by ISOC and I am hopeful that it will shape up soon as this is very important for emerging and third world countries to get the exposure as most of the research is happening in Silo’s and not much co ordinate at this point in time.

IETF Operations and Administration Plenary

IETF plenary was a very good exposure for me as most of the important committee members were available during the session and I got chance to recognize who is who.
The session started with the Agenda presented by the IETF chair followed by a welcome note from the host of IETF 75 – .SE

In recognition of the Work of Jonathen Postel, Internet Society is awarding different people and organizations each year. This year’s award was given to CSNET for providing the critical bridge from the original research undertaken through the ARPANET
to the modern Internet.

Russ Housely, then presented the IETF report which summarized the activities happened since last IETF (IETF 74 in SFO). Around 120 RFCs are published since then, 8 New Working groups were formed while 6 were closed. Russ also announced the venue and host of the next IETF meeting which will be held in Hiroshima Japan and Project WIDE will host that.

The NOC for IETF 75 presented their slides; some useful information is as follows
– The Equipment serving IETF 75 has 1 Gbps Link with the local provide Tele2 with a backup link of 100 Mbps
– Native Ipv6 Was also available through Tele2
– Until today the peak traffic logged was around 70 Mbps (DL) and 35 Mbps (UL)
– On access Cisco WiFi equipment was used while on Core side Juniper was carrying the traffic.
– About 700 Sessions peak was observed on the Wifi Access points.

Towards the end IAOC, IAD, IETF trust & NomCom reports were presented in front of the audience. The floor remained open for any sort of feedback, suggestions and comments from the IETF community.

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