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A WEEK WITH THE GODS OF INTERNET – DAY 1 – Sunday 26th July 2009


The New Comer Orientation

For all the new attendees IETF arranges a new comer orientation session which explains the working principal and organization structure of IETF and peer organizations. It’s a long 1 hours + sessions. This time there are approximately 200 New Attendees in IETF 75.
Scott Bradner was the one delivering the orientation slides. He has been Area Directors at IETF for 5 years and is associated with it since 1992.
He explained the IETF structure in detail and his slides can be found at ietf.org under Stockholm meeting.

Inter domain Routing

RON BONICA has discussed the latest issues and considerations being discussed in the IDR working group of IETF. The Discussion revolved around the BGP-4 and its limitations. The primary focus remained on the authenticating the routes coming from a trusted autonomous system. The case study was related to the famous YouTube Case in which Pakistan has started routing a /24 network.

Let me refresh your memories, PTCL once tried to block the YouTube and while doing so their engineers have mistakenly started advertising the /24 of Youtube from its AS. Unfortunately as PCCW was accepting everything from PTCL , it got transparently advertised on the could. And Suddenly all of the traffic which was intended for Youtube got diverted to Pakistan.

This incident has raised a lot of questions and the experts around the world escalated this issue. However in my opinion this issue is out there on the cloud since quite some time and as it wasn’t happened for a large service before that , it could catch the eye of the experts. So now the IDR is really looking into the possibilities to introduce a route authentication or reference mechanism in BGP. As a short term measure it has been suggested that all the transit providers should strictly follow the route import and export statements from the RIRs database so that some sort of reference data is available for the BGP carriers to refer to.

For our region (in Pakistan) APNIC has this option available through myAPNIC since quite some time. Its better for all the Operators to define the AS import and export parameters as well as transits should refer to such entries rather than making static routes for the operators/customers.

Welcome Reception

Stockholm city hall is an amazing place. This is the place where the Nobel Prize Distribution Ceremony happens. The city mayor was himself available to welcome the percipients. After is welcoming note delicious variety of food was served. They opened the gates of the gallery which has this mosaic pictures on the huge walls. Amazing stuff, I will try to upload some pictures later on, you can refer to my facebook pictures album.

I met with my mentor for the session as well. Her name is Samita Chakarbarti and she works for a company called IP Infusion. She is an active member of ipv6 over low PAN (personal area network) group and has a lot of experience with TCP/IP.

ISOC Reception and meeting with Vinton G. Cerf

Another food table ehh ! ISOC gave the fellows auspicious dinner at Hotel Calrion Sign and I got the most amazing and memorable time of my life i-e meeting with Vinton G. Cerf (Chief Internet Evangelist at Google). From city hall to the hotel clarion sign its almost a 20 minutes walk and I was lucky to get the company of Vinton Cerf.

The discussion revolved around the future of the internet, governance, upcoming products and ideas which can change the internet from what it is today. Each and every second of the discussion has opened new horizons for my thought process.

So From tomorrow the Work Group meetings will be staring and I will definitely be sharing the happenings with you through this blog …. So keep in touch with http://internetkid.blogpost.com

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