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PTCL evdo Launch

I have been told that this Service is now commercially available in Islamabad – not too sure as the the pack which i have used has no branding from PTCL.
So …. Recently i got Chance to evaluate the performance of this Device. Pretty decently packed (by Huawei) and comes with a hands free. Other than PCMCIA a USB version is also available (waiting for that) however it might not support the voice. So with a PCMCIA ( down the road in 2 months time ) one will get a phone functionality as well.

Surprisingly the service is offering public IP address over DHCP (i am sure one would be able to get a fixed IP binding ). I rate the service (for now – as not much subs per sector) as excellent. Consistently i was able to get 150-200 KBytes download (uptil 1.6 Mbps). Streaming works perfectly fine, tested it with YouTube ( 3 instances of HD at the same time ) without any inconsistency. Have reached 500 Kbps for the Upload test (through speedtest).

The software pack has a Traffic monitoring module by which you can monitor the performance real time which is really an excellent add on.

Must have Gadget (for now)

Will perform more stress testing on the device and share the results along with the comparison b/w the USB and PCMCIA performance.

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