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Structural Changes in Pakistani Cellcos

With the increased pressure of keeping the ARPUs high and lowering the operational expenditure the Pakistani Cellcos are taking extreme measures to come up with the most efficient and cost effective Organizational Structures.

Telenor pakistan has principally decided to merge the CTO and CIO organization into one ICT organization. This has been decided keeping in view the duplication of work in two different divisions – which will not only help them into channelizing the efforts of their teams but also to avoid blame game among the teams. Another aspect ( which i am sure the telenor ODD must have considered ) is the consolidation of the technologies itself. IP has started penetrating in the GSM environment ( so now ppl like me can survive easily even in cellcos 🙂 ) and IT resources which were used to be part of CIO organization have more visibility towards the IP based infrastructure than the “ACCESS GUYS”

Although i have heard the rumor that the CTO of Telenor has been denied the Visa to continue his stay in Pakistan – still trying to get it confirmed.

Another Major Change has been observed in the Largest Mobile operator in paksitan – Mobilink is the shuffling at the top Management Level. The Customer Support VP has been given the role of VP Broadband Business Unit and at the same time a campaign has been launched related to Customer Care. I think its the realization of the Fact that customer satisfaction plays the key role for avoiding churn as well as for the success of any new venture.

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