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Dr. Arshad Ali – A remarkable personality

First time i met Dr. Arshad Ali ( NUST ) in a training session hosted by NUST. It was about Managing internet resources. Asia pacific Network information center ( APNIC ) which is the authority to allocate the IP addresses and AS numbers in Asia pac sent their Hostmasters for IRM 1 & IRM 2 training. This was also the first time that APNIC conducted a session in PAKSITAN – also my first interaction with APNIC as i used to work before a region which was under RIPE.

I still remember his speech at the closing day in which he emphasized on the strong bonding between academia, industry and international research institute. He has played a vital role in bridging the gap between these segments.

On 20th Sep 2008 when Marriott was targeted, the Evacuee trust building adjacent to Marriot was also damaged. The TOP floor – having mostly the IT , Software and Teleco vendors was severely damaged resulting in total dis connectivity of the building from Internet cloud. Reports says that Federal Board of Revenue also lost some data during this incident. There are very few companies invested in Disaster Management System / Site – does not make a lot of commercial sense at this point in time.

During this Chaos – Dr. Arshad Ali again played a savior role by accommodating 3 Companies from Evacuee trust building in NUST campus/offices enable 570 Employees. He has now set another standard/example which is not very hard to follow by others.

Thumbs up !

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