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Finally i think i am back …. what could be greater than some thing on Chrome as a come.

So ….
Installation was pretty easy, took me hardly 8 Minutes on my 256 K WiMAX …. on the bitmeter the highest rate i got during the download didnt exceed than 120 kbps
In a freindly manner, all of my books marks and history was imported into chrome from IE.
The design and placement of buttons are user frindly so i get only what i want on the bar. Detaching the tab is cool  … so when you open a new tab its drag able. A new option of checking which Broswer is eating up the CPU is pretty useful , like process tab you can open the Process tab and end any instance of the tab within the browser.
A direct competition with Microsofts upcoming IE 8 in terms of privacy … here they call it incognite mode, from the options you can select that mode and another browser session will open where nmothing would be logged ( i do have doubts on that and will update the post after proper research on it) …. a whitehat symbol on the left looks dumb – should be placed Casper 😛
other than that you can iconized your applications from the web and donwlaod tab also appears on the left down corner making management of donwloadable items easy …
On the scale of 1-10 i would rate it 7
Happy surfing with chrome …. the new black 😛
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