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Cuil – Who they Are !!

In an attempt to upstage their former employer, a trio of ex-Googlers have launched a search engine of their own. They insist on calling it “Cuil” – pronounced “cool,” apparently – and they say it “goes beyond today’s search techniques.”

Take a look who is the CooOOoOOOoOOl Founders
Tom Costello, CEO and Founder

Tom’s breakthroughs in search architecture and relevance methods are at the core of Cuil’s technology. His research from his first days at Stanford has focused on establishing relevance by analyzing text outside keywords on found pages. Tom’s pioneering work in search began in 1999 when he created Xift, a revolutionary search engine that introduced automatic clustering and page analysis. Tom later joined IBM where he developed the prototype of WebFountain. He was also a member of IBM’s strategy team for Storage Systems Strategy worldwide and drove the development of the company’s Homeland Security strategy. Tom has a PhD in Computer Science from Stanford University and was on the Research faculty there until 2000.

Anna Patterson, President and Founder

Anna’s focus is on scaling architecture, tackling one of the major problems in search—the exponential growth of the Internet. Anna was the architect of Google’s large search index, TeraGoogle, that launched in early 2006. While at Google, Anna was the technical lead of one of the two Web ranking groups at Google, in charge of GoogleBase, and the manager for the core piece of Google’s ad-matching technology. She joined Google in 2004 after designing, writing and selling Recall—the largest search engine in existence at the time at 12 billion pages. Anna has a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and was a Research Scientist at Stanford University.

Russell Power, VP of Engineering and Founder

Russell was technical lead for the serving part of TeraGoogle. While at Google he spent two years working on web ranking and on the automatic spam detection project. At Cuil, Russell’s primary interest is in webscale infrastructure development enabling the processing of petabytes of information in a fault tolerant and efficient manner. Prior to Google, Russell worked with BEA Systems in their Advanced Research Group. Russell attended the University of Washington and is on leave there as a PhD candidate in computer science.

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  1. Tee Emm
    July 30, 2008 at 12:03

    This is what some of us consider a ‘sons of Google’ era. Google’s might is generally considered its size, reach and impact. However, looking closely, Google is all about innovation – whether it is in the simplicity of its webpages or the use of a custom build operating system for their own needs.Google is what it is because they have worked on the smallest parts of the technology and domain to arrive at a sum that is bigger than the total of its components.All these innovations, it is argued, are attached to various individuals who were part of these breakthroughs that happened at the technology darling that Google is. And when these people move beyond Google in their own careers, and they do this in volumes over time, we will see the ‘sons of Google’ era.Imagine a world there more and more technology companies are like Google both in terms of size, works and services. It indeed appears to be exciting.

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