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LDIs pushing Voice Blocking

I happened to be at a dinner table today which was discussing the Regulators (PTA) actions against blocking the VoIP traffic.

As you are all aware of the fact that with the funding by LDI operators PTA has pushed and installed NARUS VoIP detection solution at upstream Ip transit providers. With this software initially the authority was just identifying the Source and Destinations of the traffic and requesting the transits to block those IPs via usual “action notices” -and we have seen couple of hunder IPs getting blocked on ip transits initially.

Now PTA is stretching it further – via automated blocking capability such IPs/traffic would be blocked immediately.

I am not sure if Narus is capable of doing deep packet inspection of L2/L3 tunnels and IP MPLS – if any one has updates .. please share

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  1. Anonymous
    July 18, 2008 at 15:02

    The latest on this seems to be a request from PTA to all ISPs to ‘divulge’ their network details (on the request of inbox – their Naurus partners in Paksitan) to see if the monitoring could be extended to the IP core routers of all the ISPs via port mirroring options on the GE gear. What next? PTA wants to read the emails and IMs of the end users?Pathetic.

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