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2nd Wimax Operator Launched

Mobilink has launched (soft) its WiMAX services in Karachi (only). This launch is sort of an extention to the FUT (happening since about over 6 months) and Mobilink wants to target a pre defined target audience.

The price is very aggressive, a 256Kbps = 799, 512 Kbps = 999 and 1 Mbps is available in 1,199 along with a free voice to Mobilink GSM numbers and WiMAX Numbers AND no GB caps. However this seems to be the launch offer only.

Broadband penetration is pakistan remained very low despite of efforts from operators as well as Ministry/Regulator. However in my opinion the reason behind low adoption rate is the absence of eco system. Take an example of KOREA, JAPAN etc – their policies were not focused for pushing the operators to reduce price and increase coverage but to develop a eco system where broadband can become a commodity.

Education has always been the most neglected area in Pakistan. However still i think we have done it pretty well in terms of producing excellent technical resources which means we have a great potential as a nation.

Dr. Yasin (Member Technical PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) once said to me: we couldnt perform in agriculture, havent done any thing in manufacturing and lost the time. The only thing (as nation) we can do now is to produce skilled resources.

I think Technologies like WiMAX can play a very important role in terms of education in Pakistan. Funds Like ICT RND & USF canplay a very major role in terms of baraing and sharing the cost of infrastructre with the operators.

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